Your air intake takes in a lot more than air, and it’s costing you money.

Topfiltration Pre-cleaners

For heavy duty designed pre-cleaners, non-rusting aluminum and stainless steel construction, yet lightweight, requiring no additional clamps or support. Self-cleaning, maintenance free design.

Easy installation features allow for mounting the Topfiltration Precleaner in any position, including inverted.

These pre-cleaners can be utilized in applications where precleaning the intake air is beneficial in reducing component wear, increasing filter life and reducing downtime


  • Improved fuel economy: as filters get dirty and restriction increases, combustion efficiency is reduced.
  • Extended oil filter life: reduces the amount of contaminant the oil has to trap.
  • Reduced emissions: combustion efficiency decreases as air is restricted from passing through the filter.  The longer the filter stays “clean” the longer combustion efficiency is maintained

  • After easily installing a  precleaner you and your company will save money by:

    • Decreasing the amount of filter changes.
    • Improving fuel efficiency.
    • Increasing your engine’s life up to 12 times.
    • Worrying less about machine downtime.
    • Creating a safer work environment.