Top Filtration Europe supplies a range of special filter products for industrial areas and vehicles. Areas, which benefit by using our TopFiltration Products are in mining, construction, agricultural and road maintenance. Our product range covers Pre-Cleaners, Hygroscopic breathers, bypass filters, bio filters and hydraulic filters


For heavy duty designed pre-cleaners, non-rusting aluminum and stainless steel construction, yet lightweight, requiring no additional clamps or support, Self-cleaning, maintenance free. Easy installation features allow for mounting the Topfiltration (TFE) Precleaner in any position, including inverted. These pre-cleaners can be utilized in applications where precleaning the intake air is beneficial in reducing component wear, increasing filter life and reducing downtime


Topfiltration by-pass filter units are available in 4 different capacities. The solution to contamination problems which cause more than 80% of all oil malfunctions and component defects. Topfiltration by-pass filters reduces down time, maintanance interval and increases the lube oil substantial.


Topfiltration breathers can be filled with a hygroscopic agent, coal or a mix of hygroscopic agent and active coal. Unique is the possibility of a costume made filling of the breathers. Moisture and particle accumulation are the major factors of oil contamination in industry equipment. Neglected, these detriments restrict equipment efficiency, causing machine downtime and significant expense in replacement oil, parts and repair costs. Our breathers remove water vapor and contamination up to 2 micron.


Eliminate water from your fuel tank. Low cost fuel maintenance solutions

Environmentally friendly company

Pre cleaners return of Investment calculator

Operating Parameters
Operating hours per day   Labor cost per hour (add downtime cost per hour if known)
Operating days per week   Length of time it takes to blow-out or replace primary air filter* hours
Operating weeks per year   Primary air-filter change interval hours
Total operating hours per year 1920   Check if you blow-out air filter* and specify interval hours
Cost of new primary air filter   Check if machine is equipped with dust bowl type precleaner and specify dust bowl cleaning interval hours

Restore Defaults     Calculate Savings

Without Any Precleaner       With Single-Stage Precleaner
Number of primary air filters replaced per year 48   Blow-out primary air filter* unnecessary
Annual labor cost (with downtime cost if known) for changing primary air filters €1,080.00   Annual number of air filter changes 16
Annual cost of new primary air filters €2,400.00   Annual cost of new primary air filters €800.00
Number of primary air filter blow-outs per year* 240   Annual labor cost (with downtime cost if known) for changing primary air filters €144.00
Annual labor cost (with downtime cost if known) for blow-outs* €5,400.00      
Number of dust bowl cleanings per year 0      
Annual labor cost (with downtime cost if known) for dust bowl cleanings €0.00      
Total WITHOUT €8,880.00   Total WITH €944.00

Annual Savings* with : €14,272.00
* Savings calculation based on current use with a dust bowl-type precleaner, OR without any precleaner installed (filter housing and rain cap only). Blow-out of primary air filter is never recommended as it may damage air filter effectiveness.