Aqua Zorb

The Aqua-Zorb water-free cell is a simple and effective means of removing water from the bottom of diesel, petrol, AVGas, Hydraulic and petroleum storage tanksBy just inserting into the tank. Aqua-Zorb Uses a fabric sheave containing water absorbing formulaWhich eliminates the need to drain fuel tanks to remove water. The cell can be easily replaced to constantly provide a method of maintaining the integrity of the oil, whether it is in storage storage tank or on a vehicle.

The absorbent in the Aqua-Zorb water-free cell is an inert, non-toxic chemical formulation designed to achieve maximum results. The formulation will not break down once mixed. The composition remains intact for the life of the cell which is one year. Therefore you can either place this cell into your tank until the water is fully absorbed in accordance to the cells maximum capacity or leave it for a year, then you’ll be up all to remove and replace with another replacement cell. 

The specially coated material acts like a non-return valve allowing water to flow into it but not out. Made from heavy duty nylon-type material, it is extremely strong and guaranteed not to break under hazardous circumstances. Metallic -woven feed and pull line also acts as a safety earth wire to ensure no static occurs and that Aqua-Zorb is safe and secure in your tank.